Smart Building Project Canvas?

The folks at smart research analysts Memoori facilitated the collaboration with Vanti and LMG behind this Version 1 Smart Building Project Canvas above. What’s interesting about Vanti and LMG is that they are Master Systems Integrators (MSIs) that could be seen as being ‘The Application Providers’ from the 3 types of MSIs highlighted by Nexus

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A smart building accredition framework?

Back in 2021 John Gleeson and Jonathan Treece (now at Barclays) from Arcadis presented their How Smart is Smart: a point in time session at the Smart Buildings Show that looked at how the increasing number of physical and digital accredition schemes for buildings were overwhelming investors with a logo war. That’s still arguably the

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Better and more strategic marketing communications?

Before the pandemic I co-wrote a book with ex-Google brand planner turned academic Lazar Dzamic on Strategic Content Marketing. It followed on from a series of e-publications and events I curated supported by The Drum magazine and the leading trade and award bodies in advertising and marketing. The series looked at latest thinking and best

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