A catalyst for collaboration?

I had a great chat with Brian Coogan at Ethos Engineering recently. We have been connected on LinkedIn for some time now, but finally met in person at the Smart Buildings Show this year. I mentioned I was looking at facilitating a collaboration to look at how the technology landscape might be sliced/diced, although prompting

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Smart Building Project Canvas?

The folks at smart research analysts Memoori facilitated the collaboration with Vanti and LMG behind this Version 1 Smart Building Project Canvas above. What’s interesting about Vanti and LMG is that they are Master Systems Integrators (MSIs) that could be seen as being ‘The Application Providers’ from the 3 types of MSIs highlighted by Nexus

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In a nutshell?

Not everything I post about on here is directly related to smart buildings. I have highlighted Gennaro Cuofano‘s 4 Week MBA site because I haven’t seen any similar Freemium resource guide/course in the smart building space. Nor his kind of ‘In a Nutshell’ explanations of key concepts, e.g. the Cloud as a Service (CaaS) Business

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Retrofit vs Smart Enablement?

For a large part of this year I have been speaking to stakeholders across the smart building ecosystem about retrofitting. That has included facilitating round tables that I have been writing about for Smart Buildings Magazine (see here and here), as well as curating panels including the Why is Retrofit Not Taken More Seriously in

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