In a nutshell?

29 October 2023

Not everything I post about on here is directly related to smart buildings. I have highlighted Gennaro Cuofano‘s 4 Week MBA site because I haven’t seen any similar Freemium resource guide/course in the smart building space. Nor his kind of ‘In a Nutshell’ explanations of key concepts, e.g. the Cloud as a Service (CaaS) Business Model In A Nutshell one highlighted in this post.

There are, however, a growing number of courses being offered (e.g. Smart Building Bootcamp, Nexus Lab’s Smart Building Strategist Course, Phil Zito‘s Smart Building Academy, etc), and the various relevant rating bodies usually have an Accredited Professional programmes.

I haven’t taken any of the courses, but I hazard a guess none of them cover the spectrum represented by the range of relevant trade and rating bodies, as well as other related organisations that in turn represents the increasing number of stakeholders involved with smart buildings. That’s one of the reasons for starting this blog because my notes to self are the basis for a (free) resource guide that explores those different perspectives and also helps me think through how the technology landscape might get sliced and diced (among other things). And where relevant I will be linking to concepts explained on Gennaro‘s 4 Week MBA site.

As an aside, I also think the brevity of his ‘in a nutshell’ explanation of key concepts should be something I aim for but also something for solution vendors and service providers to think about, i.e. in explain who they are, what they do and why it matters.

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