Accrediting Smart Building Solutions?

15 November 2023

The folks at independent PropTech consultants Trustek posted the above graphic today on LinkedIn (see here), as part of promoting their Verified Market Place. Their former head of strategy, innovation and ESG Katie Whipp participated in one of the panel sessions I curated and moderated as part of Simmtronic Lighting Control Summer Series of events to celebrate their 30th Anniversary (see here). She’s recently moved to head up partnerships at BMS optimisation specialists REsustain but will remain a non-exec of Trustek. I mention this because I have spoken to Trustek team about their Market Place because I am fascinated to know if they have a matrix or framework that the technologies they verified get plotted on to. I don’t mean a rating framework not the kind of ranking that Unissu have done (see here), but more along the lines of what problems they think solutions help solve (i.e. jobs-to-be-done) and/or how they see the technology sliced and diced along the lines of what Scott Brinker has been doing in MarTech (see more here).

I hope to be speaking to the Trustek team more about this soon, as well as catch-up with James Dice at Nexus Labs about his buyers guide to understand where he is coming from in terms of how they categorise technology for those guides and why. I’m also aware of WiredScore‘s Accredited Solutions Programme having been instrumental in a previous client participating in its launch, even though the solution provision by the previous client is really design, deployment and management of bespoke networking based on being a VAR for some of the usual suspects. It would be interesting to understand if and how WiredScore’s accreditation programme is evolving in line with new versions of their framework. And if they plan look to other areas as commercial real estate become increasingly mixed used and the lines between smart buildings and smart workplaces continue to blur.

Last but not least there is the Smart Building Collective who have a similar Solution Certification Programme. I hope to be announcing a collaboration with them soon, although not specifically around the slicing and dicing of the technology landscape. Hopefully, more on this soon but in the meantime it would be interesting to know if there other accreditation, certification, verification or similar schemes looking at smart building technology. If you run one or know of any, then please get in contact on LinkedIn or via the Contact Form.

  1. Futher to feedback on LinkedIn from Guy Adderley at Sentry Interactive and Freddie Pritchard-Smith at Trustek, the following could be added:

    UK PropTech Association
    RICS Tech Partner Programme
    Comparesoft: helping companies navigate the SaaS landscape
    Kerfuffle: focusing on estate agents.
    Procore Technologies: “extensive marketplace for integrated solutions”

    The latter would seemingly like be akin to the following:

    Tridium: Niagra Market Place
    Cisco: IoT Spaces Market Place
    Avanade: collaboration between Microsoft and Accenture

    The you’s be getting into likes of DALI and EnOcean Alliance.

    And then you’d be into directory territory.

    Now there’s an idea.

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