What’s on the horizon for 2024?

16 January 2024

As mentioned earlier this week on LinkedIn, we are probably too far into January now to be saying Happy New Year and sorry for silence over last few weeks, but I have been busy behind the scenes looking at what is worth exploring this year. Last year, I was mostly focused on Smart Building Retrofit and you can see write-ups from 3 of the 6 events I curated last year over on Smart Buildings Mag (including one at their Smart Buildings Show). This post explains some of what as been going on behind the scenes and what’s coming next.

Last year, I also looked at (Smart Building) Road Maps including the RIBA Plan of Works ‘Smart Building Overlay, which created the most amount of engagement of all my posts on here (30,000 views and still counting). Apparently, it still hasn’t been released and wonder whether it will really plug the gap/dissolve the dichtomy between Design & Build and Operations i.e., a Road Map for AECO industries (Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations) not just AEC Industry!

This year, I have started by going out to those across the ecosystem to see what they think is on the horizon, as well as what they see as being the key challenges and themes for 2024.

This is includes 4 pilot episodes of the Forever Forward Podcast series where I will be co-hosting with Umesh Bhutoria at Xempla – Decision Support System for Enterprise Asset Management (+ one intro episode with Umesh where we will discuss the pilot series and get his input from Xempla’s perspective).

I am also planning a Round Table in London in early Feb with others from across the ecosystem where we will discuss similar topics, which I hope to use along with the Pilot Podcast Series as an opportunity to plan/curate content and events over the coming year… hopefully collaboratively.

This was all kicked off at the end of last year at networking gathering with representatives from Cordless Consultants, MiX Consultancy Ltd, Smart Spaces®, REsustain, One Sightsolutions LTD, ISG, PropTech Connect, Twenty One Engineering and others who had participated and attended events I had put on last year.

In the meantime, I have shared this affinity diagram based on some of the input/feedback I have received so far this year. Planning to explore all this as part of podcasts and round table mentioned above, and hopefully also in follow-up activities:

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