A Proptech Landscape Map?

10 November 2023

This post is more of a bookmark because the interactive PropTech Europe 2023: Top 100 infographic by BUILTWORLD in collaboration with PwC is along the lines I have be talking about with regard to how the smart buildings technology landscape might get sliced and diced. And that being akin to what Scott Brinker is doing in the MarTech world of my previous career as an entrepreneur (see more here). It was mentioned by the team at Metrikus who have kindly participated in some of the smart buildings event I have curated and moderated (see here and here). They have been selected as one the top 20 PropTech companies in the ‘building operations and FM tech’!’ category. The irony is not lost given comments by Gary Cottle and Michael Grant there in response to my post on LinkedIn suggesting the need for this kind of infographic in the smart building technology space (see here).

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